Selected Plays

You can see more of my dramatic work and script samples at my New Play Exchange profile (more coming soon).


Roguish Machine

(Full length, 80 min, 2m, 1w, 2m or f)

A new technology is poised to make you obsolete. A mysterious folk hero named Ned Ludd has come to town plotting this machine’s destruction. Do you join Ludd, grab a hammer, and swing? Or, do you wait and see how this whole Industrialization thing shakes out? Inspired by the Industrial Revolution’s Luddite Uprisings as well as the politics of our own self-driving Uber age, Roguish Machine tells the story of two siblings whose fates diverge wildly with the arrival of a newfangled, mechanical invention. Who gets left behind, and who gets unforeseen opportunities, when technology marches inevitably forward?

Workshop production at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama New Works Series. Directed by Philip Gates.


ID, Please

(Opera Libretto, 40 min, 3 singers)

ID, Please takes place at the politically fraught, liminal space of a border crossing of an unnamed country. In this collage-like chamber opera, a border agent questions an endless flow of travelers— represented by just two singers. Switching between sung interrogations scenes and psychological arias, the opera both exposes and occludes a set of characters’ internal lives as they attempt to flee their country of origin, return home, get through their banal bureaucratic day jobs, and more. 

Music composed by Soosan Lolavar.

Premiered as part of CoOpera at Pittsburgh Opera. Directed by Stephen M. Eckert. Forthcoming international premiere at the opera festival Tête à Tête.


Oceanus: a play about the internet's tubes

(Full length, 80 minutes, Flexible Cast)

When a mysterious accident severs a piece of the internet’s infrastructure— a “submarine” cable resting on the ocean’s floor — the world wide web slows to an excruciating crawl and consequences big and small ripple across the planet. Happy marriages crumble, global commerce falls to its knees, deep sea sharks philosophize, and a submarine delves to the center of the earth in panoramic play about myth, technology, and the vulnerable tissue of human connection.

Developed at Custom Made Theatre as part of Undiscovered Works Series in  San Francisco, directed by Rebecca Longworth


(Full length, 90 minutes, 3m, 2w)

Rick can’t get into his dead son’s computer. Sasha can’t get Rick out of her apartment. Together, these two—along with the emotionally withholding computer that comes to life before Rick’s grief-weary eyes—form an unlikely household. Both people wish they knew more about the departed roommate and son that brought them together—though Sasha may not be telling Rick everything she knows about the young man’s last days.

Premiered at Asylum Theatre of Las Vegas, directed by Sarah O'Connell.