Selected Screenplays


(TV Pilot)

Based on the life of technology pioneer Robert Noyce, "Traitorous" depicts the birth of a new industry, the tumultuous transformation of a community, and the break-ups and betrayals that preceded one of the 20th Century’s most important technological breakthroughs: the microchip.

Second place winner of the Carnegie Mellon/Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award ($10,000 grant).


(Feature, Comedy)

When endocrinologist Dr. Peter Woolinsky publishes his study on ovine sexually dimorphic nuclei, he has no idea the trouble it will cause. But with PETA, international tennis stars, and the Conservative Christian Right show up outside his office to protest, he quickly learns that the subject of his research — so-called "gay sheep" — is not as innocuous as he once thought.

Finalist for Carnegie Mellon/Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award (currently)